Mardi 5 avril 2016

Amphithéâtre Gérard Mégie

11 boulevard d'Alembert - OVSQ - Guyancourt

Lightnings and Particle fluxes from Thundercloud
Yerevan Physics Institute,
Yerevan, Armenia
Acceleration and multiplication of the ambient electrons of cosmic rays by strong electric field in the thunderclouds is well-established phenomena comprising the core of the atmospheric high-energy physics. Particle fluxes, cloud electrification and lightnings are usually correlated: lightning can abruptly terminate particle flux from a thunderclouds; huge particle showers initiated by high-energy proton or fully stripped nuclei accelerated in Galaxy possibly make enough ionization to help lightning leader to reach the ground. We add to lightning research new key evidence - Thunderstorm ground Enhancements (TGEs), i.e. enhanced fluxes of electrons, gamma rays and neutrons detected by particle detectors located on Earth’s surface. Synchronized observation of TGEs and atmospheric discharges facilitates investigations of the long- standing lightning initiation problem. Results of recent observations on Mt.Aragats will be presented and discussed.